Crimson Moon Sundays 6.12.11

Well, I finally have a small break in my schedule and I have lots and lots of great videos to post.  Its been a very fast moving summer for me so far, and I hope it doesn’t slow down a bit!   I drove up to Dahlonega, GA a few Sundays ago to play at the Crimson Moon with Alan Davis Jr. and company.   It felt like I was in an all-star band with all the great players that seem to come out of the woodwork for this jam!!  Im still meeting everyone, but off the top of my head we had Cindy Bell, Alan Davis Jr., Rick Harris, Randy Robbins, Randy Rheinschild, Ben on bass, Stu on guitar, and several more great players.  Its a long drive to Dahlonega, but it is very worth the great time we all seem to have.  Hope you like the video!

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The Easy Pieces – 6.3.11

Last week I got a chance to play again with the Easy Pieces.  Its so much fun playing with these guys, and getting to play such a good mix of standards.  Their playing is great, and it gets better and better every summer when these guys come home from school.  I can’t wait to play with them again.  Hopefully we will have a cd for everyone to listen to soon!

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Tomorrow People @ Wings Pizza n Things 5.21.11

We always have a good time playing at the wing spot.  The food is great, especially those extra hot wings and the 420 on tap, and the music of course was great.   The place was really busy that night with customers and friends all having a good time.  Dj Blue joined us on a few tunes with his amazing talent on the ones and twos,  as well as kept the crowd moving in between sets.  We will be back up to the wing spot soon, so come out and have a good time with us.

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Tomorrow People @ Centennial Park Wind Down Wednesdays

It was a real treat to get to play for the Wind Down Wednesday free concert series in Centennial Park.  It was completely packed full of people that wanted to hear good music and have a good time.  Everyone was dancing and calling out their favorite reggae songs for us to play.  We can’t wait to do this again!  Hope you enjoy the video.

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Tomorrow People @ Dunwoody Beerfest 5.14.11

Dunwoody Beerfest was amazing!  The sun was out, people were out, and we all were having some drinks!  Hope you like these videos, the songs were so good, I didn’t edit them.

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Miles From Pangaea – CD Release Show 5.13.11

I can’t stop thinking about this show.  We had a such a good time playing music, but what made it so great was all of our friends who came out and supported us and especially the ones that came and played with us on stage.

Graham Yoder (Jungol)

Kace Brennan (Swirly Temple)

Matt Maher (The Sneaky Hand)

Christina Belknap (Eudora June)

What more do you need than some good music and a little help from your friends to get you there?   The only thing I can think of is even more friends 🙂  I hope the next time we play, the people reading this will all feel free to come and join us the next time.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Huge thank you to Bret Phillips @ Hi-Jacking Music for making this such an amazing event and all of these things possible!

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Tomorrow People @ Chicken Wing N Things – 4.16.11

It was a very busy weekend of shows and traveling, and that’s exactly how I like it.  Friday and Saturday night, Tomorrow People played two great shows back to back.  Our line up changed a  few times, but we kept on going, loving this music we get to make.  We had Scott Lofranco join up with us in Athens, making the Rye Bar one of our best shows yet and our old friend Kyle Prinzbach ( from Dr. Know It All and The Second Opinion) join us for the Saturday Night show.   You should be seeing more of Scott and Kyle in upcoming videos as well as our friend Mosi Adisa, who you will see in the video below singing.  We are really happy to have these new members on board with Tomorrow People.  We are trying to have a nice CD to out in your hands by the time we play the Dunwoody Beer Festival coming up in just a few weeks.

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Dr. Know It All and The Second Opinion @ Sweetwater Brewery – 4.16.11

I always like to think that you never know another musician until you perform with them live.  Even if you have played with the members of the band live before in other projects, playing in different combination, each group of musicians represent a completely different idea from one group to another.  That’s the way it felt  Saturday, playing this show with our new group, Dr. Know It All and The Second Opinion.  It was a great time at a great place.  We really are looking forward to what everyone thinks of this project.

Playing at Sweetwater Brewery is an experience of its own, from the smell of hops, being outside in the spring weather, to playing music on a great stage with good friends.  We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again.  Check out our video bellow.  I tried to pick some of the best songs and combine them all in one clip.

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Tomorrow People @ Chicken Wings N Things 4.9.11

















Saturday night we headed out to the west side of Marietta to play at a new place called, Chicken Wings N Things.  We had no clue as to what to expect, but the place ended up being really nice on the inside, the service was exceptional, and their wings are something you really have to try for yourself to believe.  The video I posted isn’t the best as far as lighting goes,  but we were really jamming, so I thought I would post it.  Thanks to everyone for dancing and thanks to Dj Blue, who made the night seamless with his great beats.

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Tomorrow People @ Terrapin Brewery (Athens) 4.8.11

So most of us rode together up to Athens last Friday to perform at Terrapin while they have tours of the brewery.  Its a real trip to get all of us together in the same car talking about music and the band.  I think its things like a nice road trip that brings people together.  We arrived in time to set up a sneak in a few of those cold tasty beverages that they serve so fresh there.  The show got under way and it went great.  We had a new friend of ours, Mosi Adisa,  jamming with us on the keys and vocals.  We are happy to be growing as a band.  It also looks like I’m permanently on lead guitar duty now, so its been a blast getting used to playing guitar again.   We can’t wait to get back up to Athens this Friday at the Rye Bar, and again at Terrapin on May 6th. Check out the video, I pasted together lots of songs to make it a bit more entertaining.

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Tomorrow People @ Atlanta Brewing Company 3.25.11

We decided to switch things up a bit and invite some of our friends out to jam with us at Atlanta Brewing Company.  Our friend Scott Lofranco joined us from the group Escape Vehicle, as well as our friend Ryan Akens from Down Since One on percussion.  We had a great time playing music as always and it made it even better that the sun was shining in on us as we played.  Playing at breweries is such a good time.  Its always packed with great people that seem to always love music.  Looking forward to our April 8th show at Terrapin!! 🙂

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Eudora June @ Northside Tavern – St. Patty’s Day Bash

This was my first time getting to play with Eudora June, and I have to say that it was a blast.   First off, getting to play with great bands like Jack of Hearts and the Bastard Suns is an honor.  Second of all, the people we were playing for were truly music lovers and there to have a great time.  We couldn’t have had a good show without the great people there to cheer us on.  I’m very excited about this new project and can’t wait to post more about it.  Hope you like the video.

Here was the line up

Vocals and Guitar – Christina Belknap

Lead Guitar – Zach Beachum

Bass- Frank Mills

Drums – Jared Slyman

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2nd Sunday Jazz Jam @ Crimson Moon Cafe

This is some of the best “jamming” that I get to do these days.  I only say that because I never know what Alan is going to call out for us all to play, and as a drummer, there is nothing I love more that to just jump in head first into a song when you have no idea how its going to go.  I have to say that I am a fan of the moment and I am a fan of listening to every little thing going on and trying to make it all part of the rhythms I am playing on my drum kit.  I can’t wait to get back up here again and play with these guys again!



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The J Quartet @ Roy Barnes Mansion Party 3.10.11

So this is something new we have been working on the past few weeks.  We are calling it the J Quartet.  We played a great after party tonight at former governor Roy Barnes home.  It was a pleasure to get a chance to perform for a group of people that I might otherwise never have a chance for.  We plan on playing a lot with this group, so keep an eye out for us in the future.  Hope you like the video.

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Tomorrow People @ Peachtree Tavern 3.8.11

We had never played down at Peachtree Tavern before and we didn’t know what to expect.  We got there and we were surprised at the size of the place, and the size of the stage.  We had time to kill, so with the help of a little Trader Joes, and a nice cossy green room behind the stage, we listened to Lyndsay Wojcik and Escape Vehicle play their sets.  I felt like I had a front row ticket to a really good show.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the evening one to remember.

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Tomorrow People @ Terrapin Brewing Company 3.11.11

Terrapin was a blast.  What a cool cool place to play.  Lots of great people came out the other night and had a blast dancing, hoola hooping, listening to great music, and enjoying some of the best beer I have had in a while.  We are really looking forward to getting back to Athens to do it again in a few weeks on April 8th!

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Long Street Quartet @ SoBa Every Sunday from 1 to 4

Well first off, I have taken a break from blogging, but not by choice.  Its been busy around here lately with all this good music.  I think we are back on schedule and working to get all this music here on the website for everyone to see.  Lots of shows and new bands comming!

On Sundays for the past few weeks we have been going up to Soba Vietnamese Restaurant over in the East Atlanta Village.  We play for their Sunday brunch crowd out on the patio.  It is great to feel the warm spring air coming, and getting to play music out side in all that nice sunshine and fresh air.  This gig is so much fun to play because all of our friends come out from Hijacking music to support us and chill.  Check them out here:  Otherwise, get out and come and listen to us every Sunday.  Hope you like the video.

Thanks to Dave Carter for making such a professional looking flyer for us!



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2nd Sunday Jazz Jam @ Crimson Moon Cafe

Last night I drove up to Dahlonega, GA to jam with some guys at Crimson Moon Cafe and what a time I had.  I had no idea what I was walking into as I walked into the Crimson Moon.  I wasn’t sure if it was a nice restaurant or a hip bar, but it really turned out to be both.  The stage is set right in the middle of the room, so everyone has a good seat and the hardwood floors make the music sound great.  What was especially nice, was the people eating dinner and listening to us play.  It’s so encouraging to hear people clap after solos, clap after songs, and encourage you to play well.   I really want to come back and jam with these amazing musicians soon.  Here was who was jamming:  Randy Rheinschild on trumpet, Alan Davis Jr on keys, Ray Bryant on Guitar, Stew on second guitar, Jared Slyman on drum, Ben on Bass, and I can’t remember the singers names but if you read this and know it, send it to me.  🙂  Hope you like the video.

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Long Street Jazz – Soba 2.05.11

Its so much fun to play jazz, that I never feel like I get enough.  But playing jazz at a New Years party makes things even better, especially when there is great food and great musicians everywhere.  The show went great and everyone had a great time.  There are talks about doing this once a month or so but we will definitely be there in a few Sundays playing jazz during Brunch, from 11:30-3:30.  Thanks to Frank for pulling these musicians together, and thanks to Brett from Hi-Jacking Music for setting up this show and doing such a great job!  Hope you enjoy the video!

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Tomorrow People @ North River Tavern

Last night was a blast.  North River Tavern is a great place to perform.  Its nice to have good sound man, nice bartenders, good drinks, and of course good music!  Its so nice to have everything working the way it should.  I think we all felt like the night went by without any hang-ups, which is usually inevitable at a gig.

If you missed us last night, we will be playing again with Lyndsay Wojcik in a few weeks at Peachtree Tavern for Mardi Gras.  We can’t wait!

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